Move £100m out of fossil fuels

Universities and colleges have over £180 million invested in fossil fuel companies. We are calling on all institutions to move their money into renewable energy instead.


NUS research has uncovered the staggering amount of money that UK colleges and universities have invested in fossil fuel companies.

Freedom of information requests have shown that many further and higher education institutions have at least £180 million invested in fossil fuels. We estimate the actual figure to be closer to £600 million. 

Divest-Invest is the NUS campaign to get our institutions to move these investments into renewable energy.

We aim to get institutions to reinvest £100 million of the money currently in fossil fuels into renewables, to never invest in fossil fuel companies and to switch to 100 per cent renewable energy.

Over the next 18 months we will support students' unions as they push their institutions to cut ties with fossil fuel companies.

Get involved today - Contact your students' union to see what they are doing to encourage your institution to divest.

Find out more information about the campaign here.