Climate Strike on 20 September

The Youth Strike 4 Climate movement, led by children and young people from across the globe, has been going from strength-to-strength over this year. It is now calling for adults to join the call for immediate action by their government on 20 September, the date of the next global general climate strike.

NUS has supported the movement from the beginning, encouraging the UK government and all those in positions of power across the nations to hear the voices of young people and to act.

We at NUS recognised the importance of sustainability many years ago and have been campaigning on these issues for nearly half a century.

To amplify the Youth Strike 4 Climate call to action please spread the word on social media or through conversations and inform your networks.

The UK government must take action on the climate crisis and listen to the demands being made. Young people today and tomorrow will grow up in radically different world without action now.

To achieve climate justice, there needs to be urgent and fundamental reform to restructure our economic systems along environmental principles.

Join the call for action: