#StudentsoftheWorld: share your stories

As Brexit negotiations rumble on, the futures of international students are still unclear. Help us show how much we value our international classmates! 

Students of the World

We know the extraordinary contribution that international students make to life in the UK, both on their campuses and their wider communities.

We want to hear the stories behind the statistics.

Are you an international student?

Tell us about life in UK education: the people you've met, the friends you've made, the community you've contributed to.

Are you a UK student?

Tell us how you feel about your international classmates: the life-long friendships borne out of international study, the valuable lessons learnt from the diversity of our campuses, the feelings of insecurity over Brexit.

17 November is International Students Day, a time to celebrate the contribution of international students.

So tweet us your stories and pictures @nusuk  #StudentsoftheWorld - and help us campaign to protect the rights and freedoms of international students studying in the UK!