Join the Complaint Chain!

We are calling for students to join our mass action to win the chance to REDO, REIMBURSE, WRITE-OFF.

We are building the case for a mass complaint action. Please complete the form below to share how your education has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

We know many students have struggled to access education this term...

- studying a vocational course

- training on a programme that can't be delivered remotely

- unable to access facilities for studio or lab based learning

- busy supporting on NHS frontlines or key worker jobs

- reasonable adjustments are not met through online learning (e.g. Disabled students)

We understand the difficulties you're experiencing. We want to hear from you!


Thousands of students have shown us they do not feel they've had adequate education. Just look at the participation from our #SpaceToStudy challenge in May!

We have been urging the government to recognise this problem and provide a systemic solutionWe know that working together will bring a better result for students. This processes will be strenuous – but students have been left with no choice.

The power to positively resolve this situation and support the entire student body lies in the hands of the Westminster government. We need funding for reimbursements, a debt write-off, or the chance to redo at no extra cost.

Students must be compensated for the high levels of disruption.

In order to achieve this win, we need you to come forward about your experience over the past few months. When lots of students sign up to join our mass complaint action, this will put huge pressure on the government, urging them to act nationally.

We will continue to campaign tirelessly in your favour, but if there is no movement from the government, this doesn't mean we've lost the fight. Your case matters, we will support you to complain directly through your education provider, and appeal together. You won't be left to face it alone during this process.

How will this work?

Step 1. Add your name to the list 

By following this link, you will be able to see if you're in one of the groups of students who we think has grounds for a formal complaint to their education provider based on disruption to their studies following Covid-19. 

After that, you will be added to an anonymous national list with other students who are also considering raising a complaint. 

Step 2. We get in touch with Boris 

Our aim is to reach as many students as possible. Once we close the possibility to add your name to the list, we will count how many students are thinking about raising a complaint and will get in touch with the government to ask them to put a student safety net in place. As you might have already seen, the student safety net we’re asking for is for the government to: intervene nationally to cover debt relief or compensation for those who have paid up front, or the possibility to retake a portion of the year at no additional cost. 

Step 3. What if Boris says no? 

That would be annoying, but it’s ok! We would then send you more information on how to raise your complaint internally and with the OIA (an independent body set up to review student complaints about higher education providers in England and Wales). 

What next?

Complete the form to share your experiences & join our team of complaint chain campaigners!

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