Poverty Commission

In September 2017 our National President, Shakira Martin, launched The Poverty Commission. But what is it and what does it mean for you?

The Poverty Commission aims to address the barriers working class students face in regards to access and success in post-16 education.

Between now and December  2017 we will be gathering evidence to create recommendations for government, local authorities and institutions to make education truly accessible for you and the next generation to come.

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This commission is nothing without you.

We need your help. Whether you are a current student, a graduate, an apprentice or you never went on to further or higher education, this commission is for you. If you are an adult learners or SEND student, if you study at a large university or a small and specialist college we need to hear your stories.

This is a UK-wide commission and at the heart of making change is your story.

How can you help?

  • Tell us about your experience, what have been the barriers you faced accessing and succeeding in post-16 education? What did these barriers mean for you? How has this effected your life?

  • What would you change? If you could see 3 changes in education to provide better support what would they be?

  • Join the conversation on Twitter #ClassDissmissed and share your story with us on Facebook too.

If you are an organisation with relevant research to poverty and class barriers in education please submit your research here



Why we need The Poverty Commission

We believe wholeheartedly that everyone should be able to access and succeed in our education system. It is time to address the financial and social barriers that are preventing people in the UK getting in and on in education

  • 30 per cent of children are in the UK are classed as poor (source: DWP)

  • Millennials are significantly worse off than their parents were in their first years of employment (source: Resolution Foundation)

  • An apprentice earning just £7,000 a year isn’t entitled to childcare grants (source: TES & NSoA research)

  • There are up to 10 million people in insecure work in the UK (source: GMB)

Education is a public good. Everybody, and not just a section of society, should have the option to access it and succeed in education.

This commission is for you, please share your story today and make change.





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