Become a Poverty Commission ambassador

Being a Poverty Commission Ambassador is about being a storyteller for our campaign. We want to understand the barriers you have faced and share your experience to help us fight for a fairer education system. 

Interested? Sign up today and join our campaign. 

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3 ways to support the Poverty Commission:

Become a Poverty Commission Ambassador Share your story; from lack of financial support, to difficulty applying for a course, or not being supported with child care, tell us about your experience of barriers in education.

Sign up to be a Poverty Commission Ambassador today.

Shout on Social Media Even if you personally haven’t faced a barrier to getting into or on in education, you might know somebody who does. Share the message and encourage others to get in touch. We want to hear the changes you think need to happen using #ClassDismissed. Together our voice is loud, and will not be ignored.

Organise Bring people together to discuss the barriers facing working class people in education. Email us if you are interested in planning an event at your student union or in your community.

This commission is for everyone, and your voice is crucial to making change.


NUS would like to thank every organisation who submitted evidence to the Poverty Commission, we will be releasing details of our report soon.

The Poverty Commission is a priority campaign for NUS, and we need your support to make crucial changes to our education system and ensure all members of society have a fair and equal chance to access and succeed in education, regardless of social class and financial background.