University of Bradford Union

University of Bradford Union

Student Central
Longside Lane
West Yorkshire

The Union is based in the Communal Building at the hart of the campus; it is situated behind the main campus JB Priestly Library. The Campus is based at the intersection of Richmond and Great Horton R

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 11,220
  • Full time: 7,660
  • Part time: 740
  • Postgraduates: 2,820

The University of Bradford Union is a dynamic Union which caters for all types of students and activities.

Bradford has a unique makeup of students creating its own exciting mix of students. The Union has three main bars and one theatre bar which operatives when the University theatre is open.

With a Club that can take almost 2000 people to the smallest venue (Escape bar) which has a capacity of 100 allowing flexibility of the venue. The Union also has a shop and strong student activities section with sports and societies.

The yearly party on the amphitheatre is a highlight. Bradford is proud to stand up for free education and fights with NUS and other partners for the abolition of fees.

Although the Union is highly political, political parties are weak to non-existent on campus and the union is based around getting students involved in what matters to them.