Students' Union UCL

Students' Union UCL

25 Gordon Street
Greater London

On the East side of the main campus, at the conjunction of Gower Place and Gordon Street.

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 37,135
  • Full time: 16,755
  • Part time: 1,155
  • Postgraduates: 19,225

University College London Union, founded in 1893, is England’s oldest students’ union. Its raison d'être is to provide non-academic activities for its members, supporting them throughout their time at UCL and ensuring a great university experience alongside the fantastic educational opportunities provided by University College London. UCLU looks after many aspects of its members’ lives, with membership services (such as rights & advice, volunteering and democracy support), commercial services (bars, shops and events) and clubs & societies all its responsibility. UCLU has some of the best facilities, staff and members in the United Kingdom, and is constantly improving and adapting to provide for its members, ensuring their time at university is as good as it can be.