University for the Creative Arts Students' Union

University for the Creative Arts Students' Union

UCA Students' Union - Farnham
Falkner Rd

The SU Offices/Buildings can be found within the 5 Campuses located at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone & Rochester.

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 6,610
  • Full time: 4,490
  • Part time: 1,670
  • Postgraduates: 450

Trusted. Supportive. Confident. Empowering.

UCASU has, alongside the institution, undergone many changes over the past few years. From governance review to venue refurbishment, it is an exciting time here at UCA Students' Union. The university has recently announced new plans to improve the campuses and ultimately bring the student community closer together and cultivate the creative communities emerging withing the institution.

UCA Students' Union is different to many others, with a flat based officer structure, it means that instead of having one president (or none), we have five.

Our five campuses create an atmosphere where the sabbatical can really get involved with student life, really get to know the students they represent.

As UCA changes and develops, the SU will be alongside to make sure the changes are student focused and ultimately make sure UCA hear the voice of their students.