Richard Huish College Student' Union

Richard Huish College Student' Union

South Road

We can be found in the Redwood Centre, on the right hand side of the RHC Campus.

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 1,787
  • Full time: 1,554
  • Part time: 233
  • Postgraduates:
RHC Students’ Union is responsible for broadcasting the Student Voice at Richard Huish College, Taunton. As a member, you are part of 1,800 full-time, and 300 part-time students, all who can benefit from the aid of the Students’ Union. RHC:SU, via the Student Council, and consultation with the student body, is at the heart of organising social events and campaigns on campus, both in and out of College hours. The Executive Council, made up predominantly of 16-19 students, all with an enthusiasm of furthering the Student Voice and Learner Engagement within the Union. It is the Council’s role to promote your thoughts, your ideas, and your passions to make your experience at RHC the best that it can be. We encourage you to contact us via e-mail, or come to our office, currently in the Redwood Centre, and let us know what you think.