Peterborough Regional College Students' Union

Peterborough Regional College Students' Union

Park Crescent

Our office is in Palm Court, the student Common room on main site

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 10,964
  • Full time: 2,840
  • Part time: 8,124
  • Postgraduates:

Peterborough Regional College Student Union plays a very important role in creating the student experience and supporting the Learner Voice.

We organise many events for our students to take part in and enjoy. One of our most important roles is to represent the students’ views and opinions to the senior management of the college and campaign for the best deal possible for our members.  

We also help with any clubs and societies that our students want to set up, and will also help fund these.

We are very passionate about charity, and we run many charity fundraising events throughout the year, for a variety of charities.

We also work closely with the college wellbeing team and the youth work team to help our students get any advice and support that they need.

If you want any more information please come to the Union office in Palm court or contact us by email or phone.