MidKent College Students' Union

MidKent College Students' Union

Medway Campus
Medway Road

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 6,955
  • Full time: 4,432
  • Part time: 2,523
  • Postgraduates:


MidKent College's Students' Union is based on two campuses; Medway and Maidstone

Executive Committee:

President: Matt Stanley - su.president@midkent.ac.uk

Vice President (Medway): Ashley Van Huis - su.medwayvp@midkent.ac.uk

Vice President (Maidstone): Natalie Walls - su.maidstonevp@midkent.ac.uk

LGBT Officer: Sunisha Thapa & Drew Spearing- su.lgbtofficer@midkent.ac.uk

Black Students' Officer: Mercy Onovwiemore - su.blackofficer@midkent.ac.uk

Disabled Students' Officer (Job-share): Claire Wong - su.disabledofficer@midkent.ac.uk

Womens' Officer (Job-share): Faith Tooze & Dylan Halpin - su.womensofficer@midkent.ac.uk

Clubs and Societies Officer: Sean Smikle-Golightly - su.clubs@midkent.ac.uk

Media, Publicity and Communications Officer: Stephen Burnell - su.media@midkent.ac.uk

Equal Opportunites and Welfare Officer: Nathan Ramsden - su.equalopps@midkent.ac.uk

Sports, Activities and Entertainment Officer: Matthew Roberts - su.sports@midkent.ac.uk

Sustainability Officer: Sarah Woods -