Mid Cheshire College Students' Union

Mid Cheshire College Students' Union

Chester Road

The Location of Mid-Cheshire College’s Student Union is at the heart of the college. It is attached to the recreation area (Rec Zone) on the main campus and is a purpose built large conservatory. Yo

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 19,940
  • Full time: 2,130
  • Part time: 17,810
  • Postgraduates:

The SU at Mid-Cheshire has 8 officers at present, with a hope to fill the other 7 vacancies in our September/October elections. The age range of the officers is 16 – 40’s and both male and female.

They hold regular meeting and attend other meetings such as Health and Safety Committee meetings, Senior Manager Team meetings, IT, Canteen and Recreation Committee meetings.

They also attend the Council meetings which are held every term. We feed back to the students on any issues/suggestions which were discussed at the Council meetings by displaying “You Said We Did” posters around the college.

We have 2 student Governors who attend regular Governors meeting. The SU have an office which is manned at lunchtime on a rota basis and also during enrichment time on a Wednesday afternoon.

The SU are fully supported by the SSLO whom shares the office with them. Each year the Union has gone from strength to strength. By the end of academic year the student has gained in confidence and learned lots of new skills.