City of Wolverhampton College Students' Union

City of Wolverhampton College Students' Union

Paget Road
West Midlands

We have two base offices; Wellington Road Room 3 located in Student Hub, M6- J10, A454 A41 Paget Road - located in Refectory area, M54 J3, A41

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 6,150
  • Full time: 2,450
  • Part time: 3,700
  • Postgraduates:

The Student Union offer opportunities to all students who wish to be the ‘student voice’ or get active as a volunteer.

We have three sabbatical post - 1 x SU President  2 x Vice Presidents positions

15 executive officers

All democratically  positons are elected following the SU  consitution; the Students' Union Executive Committee meet twice a month, to make decisions on how the SU is run and what events to organise.

They also support and attend ‘Student Council Meetings’ three times a year at both of our Main Campuses. The Students' Union Executives will have an active role in the union depending on the role you are elected onto! – Women's, LGBT, Communication plus many more...

You will expect to be involved with events, trips, campaigns

Attedning college meetings and other  student focus  groups!

To get involved in the SU contact us on-

(01902) 317 655           (01902) 821 062 
 Paget Road                   Wellington Road