Buckinghamshire College Group

Buckinghamshire College Group

Oxford Road
HP21 8PD

Union Facts

Number of students

  • Total: 7,850
  • Full time: 1,850
  • Part time: 6,000
  • Postgraduates:

Aylesbury College Students Union

We have a strong union at Aylesbury, which is run and lead by students and staff from across the college, the Student Executive Team are responsible for making sure that the union is lead well and that the students voice is heard throughout the college. They comprise of the Union President, a Vice President and an Events, Activities and Enterprise Executive who look after the student experience with guidance and management by the senior leadership team. They set up clubs and societies and are always looking for possible events and new campaigns to run and keep the students involved throughout the year.

The College Council is chaired by a member of the Directorate and the Student President and both Curriculum and College Councils run a ‘You Say, You Suggested, We Implemented’ process which is closely monitored for updates and progress on issues raised. We train our student reps and issue them with a handbook explaining their role and training to enable them to be effective student reps.

We encourage all students to act as Student Ambassadors for the College and help out at Open Days and other College events.

Union President

The College has a paid Student Union President, Alister Johnson who works with staff and students to help ensure that the student voice is heard. The Student President is responsible for seeking out student views through a variety of activities such as informal surveys and our popular ‘sticky note sessions’ where students can give their views on a range of topics. He is also responsible for starting and maintaining clubs and societies throughout the year and working with the leadership of the College to produce campaigns and enhance the student experience.