Who we are

NUS Wales is the largest democratic organisation in Wales, representing over a quarter of a million students from both the Higher and Further Education sectors.

What NUS Wales does

NUS Wales is an open organisation that works in partnership with students’ unions in Wales. Local and National Government, the Media, Industry, Trade Union, Pressure Groups and Voluntary Organisations all recognise and respect NUS Wales as the collective voice of students in Wales.

The structure of NUS Wales

NUS Wales is an autonomous 'special region' of NUS UK, setting its own policy, electing its own executive committee, and campaigning on the issues that affect students studying in Wales.

As well as the Welsh Executive Committee, NUS Wales has 6 permanent members of staff to support the work of the organisation.

NUS Wales' budget for the year is decided at NUS UK's Annual Conference but the Welsh Executive Committee retains control over expenditure. The finances and staff of NUS Wales are managed by the Director of NUS Wales who also serves as a member of the management team of NUS UK.

History of NUS Wales

NUS Wales was established in 1974, and campaigned for many years for devolution for Wales, pushing hard for that successful YES vote in the 1997 referendum. Today, we enjoy the fruits of our labour by utilising a constructive relationship with the Welsh Assembly Government.

The future poses many challenges for the student movement. Our membership is rapidly changing. The students of today face threats very different from those facing their predecessors thirty years ago.

But NUS Wales continues to work tirelessly to create an education system that delivers quality courses, develops learners as individuals and protects students against hardship, discrimination and ill-health.