Students in Wales sit at the centre of their educational experience:

  • They are partners
  • Their feedback is valued
  • They are considered experts in the learning process

This belief underpins the Wales Initiative for Student Engagement, otherwise known as WISE.

The education sector in Wales committed to WISE in 2009. NUS Wales, along with Colegau Cymru/Colleges Wales, the Higher Education Academy, Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, Higher Education Wales, and the Quality Assurance Agency work closely to put this shared belief into practice.

1) Working in partnership

Students in Wales know that their voice is valued. Staff work with students, which gives learners the ability to influence and change their environment.

2) Valuing feedback

When students give feedback, it informs what happens in the future. Higher and further education institutions build structures to harness feedback. This extends to representation and involvement in national decision making. 

3) Harnessing expertise

The students are the experts, therefore best placed to know how they learn and what they need. Wales embraces a culture where this expertise informs good practice and affects change.

Have Your Say

This programme, implemented by NUS Wales, trains students to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become effective course representatives.

Have Your Say is working towards building stronger structures for student representation to ultimately improve the student experience all across Wales.

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