Discount cards

What is the NUS extra card?

The NUS extra card is the official student discount card from the NUS (National Union of Students). 

What is the NUS Apprentice extra card?

The Apprentice extra card has been developed by the National Union of Students and will offer apprentices many of the same discounts and benefits as other students.


Over 150 exclusive discounts (online and instore). Discounts from Amazon, Odeon, Oasis, Warehouse, Crosscountry Trains, Pizza Express, Apple, New Look, McDonalds.....and many more!

How do you purchase the extra card?

You can apply for the NUS extra and NUS Apprentice extra cards online. 

Get your NUS extra card

And you can purchase the NUS Apprentice extra card at

Get Apprentice extra

Are you a school, training provider or apprenticeship organisation and want to offer extra?

If you are an organisation who would like to offer NUS extra to your students then get in touch hereIf you are an organisation who would like to offer NUS Apprentice extra then you can contact us here