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Determining whether or not you need insurance, as well as figuring out which type of insurance you need, can be a confusing process. However, it’s important to take the time to understand what insurance you might require for your gadgets and belongings while you’re living at university. After all, it only takes a second to lose or damage a gadget, leaving you without any means of keeping in touch with friends and family or completing your university work.

To help you make a decision, here’s a list of the different types of student insurance you might need while you’re living away from home. 

Why you may need insurance

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to function without our mobile phones. They keep us entertained, act as our calendars, our alarms, and our primary method of communication. And that’s not even counting the time we spend with our other gadgets, such as our laptops and games consoles.


But imagine if they were to break, get lost, or even stolen? In fact, 65% of students we surveyed have accidentally caused damage to their phone, with 36% having accidentally damaged their laptop**. And when you’re relying on your laptop to meet a deadline, it’s likely that you’re going to want a replacement as soon as possible.

If you’re moving into a student house, you should speak to your landlord (if applicable) to establish what insurance cover they may already have in place to protect your possessions while you’re living in the property. If you’re living in university halls, your university or accommodation provider may have already arranged some contents insurance for you while you’re staying with them, and this is sometimes covered with Endsleigh.

Follow this link to find out if you’re covered with Endsleigh, what’s included, and how to personalise and extend your cover should you need to.

There is sometimes the option of covering your belongings under your parents’ home insurance policy while you’re away at university. However, not all home insurance providers will offer this, so it’s worth making sure. Your parents’ policy may also not cover your gadgets and possessions for accidental damage or incidents while you’re out and about, so double check with their insurance provider before you go.

It’s also important that you take the time to properly assess the value of your possessions before heading off to university, as it can be easy to underestimate. And with the average cost of a student smartphone costing £397*, this is an expense you’re likely going to want to avoid when you’re living on a student budget.

Think about your own gadgets and belongings, and how much they might be worth – not just financially, but in terms of the hassle you would have to go through should they get lost, broken or stolen. This will help you to decide the type of insurance you might need in place.

Once you have a clear idea of the items you’ll need to protect while you’re away at university, there are a number of student cover options you can choose from.

Student Gadget Insurance

Endsleigh’s student gadget insurance protects gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops against loss, theft and accidental damage anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide. These policies will also cover your gadgets while you’re out and about at university, not just in your student house or university halls.

With Endsleigh’s flexible and affordable gadget insurance, you can protect the things that matter most from just £2.75 a month***.

Not only that, but with Endsleigh’s student gadget insurance, should your items get lost, damaged or stolen, they’ll replace your gadgets within one working day of your claim being approved, meaning you won’t have to be without them for too long. 

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***Price likely to be achieved by 10% of students living within student halls (university or private), insuring a non-Apple laptop valued at £500 or less.

Student Contents Insurance

Some universities and accommodation providers will provide a level of contents insurance for the belongings that you keep in your room while you’re staying with them. However, it’s important to take the time to understand what is covered under this policy, as it may not provide cover for accidental damage, or offer protection for your belongings while you’re out and about at university. You will also want to make sure that the sum insured provided is enough to cover the total value of your belongings in your uni room.

If the contents insurance provided by your university or accommodation provider doesn’t meet all of your requirements, then it might be worth seeing whether you need to take out additional student contents insurance to ensure your belongings are fully protected while you’re living in university halls or a shared house.

Endsleigh’s student contents insurance will protect your belongings against fire, theft and flood, as well as providing cover for up to 90 days worldwide. You can also choose to add on accidental damage cover should you need to.

If you’re living in a shared house, Endsleigh’s policies also include tenants' liability cover as standard – so if you accidentally cause damage to your landlord's property, you'll be covered up to £2,500. 

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Bicycle Insurance

Should your bicycle get stolen or vandalised, it could have a large effect on your timekeeping and mobility - especially if you’re reliant on your bicycle to get around campus. And with the average student bicycle costing around £204****, that’s an expense that you could probably do without. By making sure you've got the right cover in place, you’ll be able to get back cycling again as quickly as possible.

You can often add bicycle cover onto an existing contents policy, or alternatively, Endsleigh's student policy gives you the option to cover just your bicycle against theft, accidental damage and vandalism.

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Musical Instrument Insurance

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, a musical instrument means a lot to its owner, and can be particularly expensive to replace.

Much like bicycle cover, you can often add a musical instrument onto an existing student contents policy. However, you can also take out stand-alone musical instrument cover if this is more suitable. By making sure you have suitable insurance in place you can ensure that your musical instrument is protected should it get accidentally damaged or stolen while you’re away at university.

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Why Endsleigh?

Endsleigh is the UK's no. 1 student insurance provider and the only one recommended by NUS. Established over 50 years ago, they’ve used their expertise to build products and services designed for students, helping them protect their most prized possessions throughout university and beyond.

Endsleigh understand that protecting and replacing gadgets quickly is extremely important to students. That’s why their student gadget insurance policies offer replacement of your gadgets within one working day of your claim being approved, helping you to stay connected when it matters most.

To find out more, head over to Endsleigh’s website.