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Tonk Bros Guitars are designed and manufactured made in the UK. We specialise in Parlour Guitar size instruments.  They are more desirable today and have become the preferred acoustic guitar body shape for today’s players.  The body of the instrument is smaller and as is more comfortable to play and handle. What is also really hot is a distressed finish. The look of an older used guitar is a great look. We finish every guitar by hand, every guitar is unique

Keeping it Original, we also offer Cigar Box Guitars made with genuine Cigar Boxes. Plus our own design of an early Blues Instrument, a Diddley Bow. We call the Wedge. A one or three string electric guitar played with a slide or bottleneck with a Baked Bean Can as a sound chamber.

We only use fully sustainable materials, for example Premium Grade Birch Ply and use the best of British engineering using a CNC Machine process to make our instruments as competitive as possible

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