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Zone committees for 2012/13 have been elected

Friday 2 November 2012 NUS News

NUS zone committees have been elected at this year's Zone Conferences.

The zone committees have responsibility for planning and delivering the majority of the work of NUS.

Zone committees also implement the decisions of NUS’ National Conference.

Each zone is elected at the relevant zone conference and headed up by a vice president.

The new committees for 2012/13 have been elected at Zone Conferences 2012:

Welfare Zone Committee
Colum McGuire, Kent Union [NEC place]
Rhiannon Durrans, York College Students’ Union [FE place]
Kelly Russell, Dudley College [FE place elected at FE Zone Conference]
Kirat Raj Singh, Birmingham City Students’ Union
Georgie Court, Loughborough Students’ Union
Charlotte Britton, Swansea Students’ Union

Society and Citizenship Zone Committee
Dom Anderson, Derby Students’ Union [NEC place]
Harry Fox, Canterbury College Students’ Union [FE place]
Carissa Bedeau, Kirklees College [FE place elected at FE Zone Conference]
Tabz O’Brien-Butcher, Manchester Students’ Union
Abdi-aziz Suleiman, Sheffield Students’ Union
Matthew Tennant, Cumbria Students’ Union

Further Education Zone Committee
Jeni-Marie Pittuck, City College Norwich [NEC place]
Charlotte Knight, Cornwall College
Zak Thompson, Burton and South Derbyshire College
James Moohan, Edinburgh College
Piers Telemacque, Bradford College
Choi Hy, Worcester College of Technology

Union Development Zone Committee
Maggie Hayes, Liverpool Guild of Students [NEC place]
Josh Rowlands, Canterbury College Students’ Union [FE place]
John Martin, Edinburgh College [FE place elected at FE Zone Committee]
Peter Smallwood, Union of Brunel Students
Archie Dallas, Durham Students’ Union
James McAsh, Edinburgh University Students’ Association

Higher Education Zone Committee
Rachel Thornton, Newcastle University Students’ Union [NEC place]
Victoria Winterton, Hull Union
Jessica Goldstone, Hallam Union
Luke Durigan, UCL Students’ Union
Paul Abernethy, Liverpool Students’ Union
Enzo N Rossi, Portsmouth Students’ Union