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You Have Marched - Thank You

Thursday 11 November 2010 NUS News

Thank you for coming to the NUS/UCU demo and demonstrating your support for our campaign to Fund our Future: Stop Education Cuts.

We made history yesterday as 52,000 students- the biggest student demo in a generation- took to the streets to make their feelings heard.

If you haven’t registered with us directly at NUS HQ already, we’d love you to so we can stay in touch as the campaign continues. Just text NUS plus your email address to 88802 and we’ll keep you to up to date as the campaign develops.

On 10.11.10 we marched to show the coalition Government that we don’t agree with their wide ranging cuts programme and the direct assault that they are making on further and higher education. Taken as a whole the range of cuts that are being imposed by this Government represent the biggest attack to further and higher education in decades, and we believe that each individual measure represents a unprecedented onslaught on knowledge and learning for people of all ages and from all background. We are delighted that you have agreed to stand firm with us and oppose these cuts.

Of course, all of us at NUS are deeply disappointed at the actions of a small minority of those 50,000 people who attended- and I know from the hundreds of emails and tweets I’ve received that the vast majority of you share my view that their actions were shameful, dangerous and counterproductive. We did everything we could to organise a peaceful and responsible action, but sadly it was hijacked and our press coverage overshadowed. But we must move forward- head held high. I won’t have our campaign derailed by people like this. In the months to come there will be a white paper, measures to change the student support package and ultimately a full-scale higher education bill to fight. Most pressing- a vote on fees is due in weeks.

We say:

  • NO to scrapping the EMA
  • NO to the privatisation of Arts, Humanities and Social Science teaching
  • NO to cutting ESOL provision
  • NO to higher fees
  • NO to fees in FE for ‘adult learning’
  • NO to soaring levels of debt
  • And YES to fairness, equity, and a properly funded state education system.

There are a number of actions that you can take next:

1)      Email your MP via, and get your parents, relatives and friends to do the same.

2)      Find out when your MP is next holding a surgery and go and visit them in person to express your concern. You can find out about when their surgeries are by contacting their office or visiting their website. You can get advice on lobbying your MP here.

3)      Persuade five friends to get involved in the campaign by sending a text to NUS and their Email Address to 88802. Or you can attend one of the two NUS activist development days happening in December in Leicester or London. The bigger our movement, the stronger our campaign.

Later this week I’ll be in touch with you and your students union to reveal details of an initiative to place huge pressure on MPs not to break promises- so keep an eye on your inbox.

Thank you once again for your support.

In Unity,

Aaron Porter
NUS National President

NUS resources on cuts