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NUS wants YOU! #nusjournos

Sunday 23 August 2015 NUS News

We are recruiting ten paid student staff journalists. We know that you are shaping the future of education and want to represent the realities of your lives through news and comment pieces

*Applications for 2016-17 have now closed. Check back in September 2017*

WE will:

Pay you £1000 a year for two pieces per month

Pay your student associate membership with the National Union of Journalists

Promote each piece through our social media channels

Pitch your pieces to relevant media with an accredited by-line

Profile each of you online all year

Provide feedback and guidance on your work to help develop your skills

We are looking for ten NUS journalists to cover the following themes:

Two news reporters (students in the community)

Two news reporters (sustainable students)

Two comment writers (student lifestyle)

Two comment writers (student perspective)

Two multimedia journalists (all four themes)


The following are the themes that we are recruiting our writers for. It is important to note that you will only be assigned to one of them so make sure you enter under the one which you are comfortable with.

We will be sending a monthly guidance email to each of our ten NUS journalists which will offer some insight and advice as to what we might be looking for under each theme. However we absolutely welcome your creative angle and if you want to pitch something fresh, please do.

1.    Students in the community 

This can be news or comment on student community activity, RAG, volunteering, community action. What is happening where you are? How are students getting involved? Maybe they should be doing more, or less, of one action? Is there something that you’ve noticed that nobody is talking about? We are passionate about students driving change and we want to share this with the world.

2. Sustainable students

Sustainability is a key issue for us. We are leading on divestment from fossil fuels, and we also run Green Impact through unions in local communities empowering each to become green hubs. We support Student Switch Off in student halls and sustainable food programme Student Eats on various campuses.

These are examples of what we do with you. We want to know what green issues mean to you - on your campus, in your community, in your country and in the world in which you live. Can you share knowledge with us? Is there a particular problem that you feel is being ignored or indeed a solution that you want to laud? Share it all with us.

3. Student lifestyle

We want to know what films, music, food, personalities, celebrities, public figures move you. Maybe you’ve got a top ten knowledge list you want to share, maybe you just don’t understand the Kardashian fascination, or maybe you love them? This truly is student lifestyle – what you enjoy, what you love, what you hate. We want to represent your reality and impart the everyday lifestyle of the seven million students that we represent, to the wider world.

4. Students perspective

This is for students’ engagement with the news agenda. What is happening nationally or indeed internationally? How are students responding, whether as students, voters, national, or global citizens? What is happening? What do you think? We want to champion all students, and we want to know how the world affects you.

This is for student’s reaction to the news agenda. What is happening nationally or indeed internationally? What is your perspective as a student, as a voter, as a UK citizen, as an international student? How does the world affect you? What do you think? We want to champion all students, and we want to know how the public agenda affects you.

The ideal applicant:

Would be a student who is passionate about journalism and writing, studying journalism or a similar subject and would be someone who is politically aware and interested in current affairs. Being creative, keeping to deadlines, good research skills and intuition to generate ideas for stories or articles are important traits too.

To enter:

You need to submit one of the following depending on the position you are applying for: a 400 word news report on one of the two news themes, a 400 word comment piece on one of the two comment themes, or a link to a two minute video/audio piece on any of the four themes.

You must pick the theme you would like to write about for the duration of your employment as you will not be able to switch once it has been assigned.

The deadline for submission is 12pm on Friday 16 October 2015. Please email your submission to

For those hired, regular submissions will be expected from November 2015 to November 2016.

Please make it clear which position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

If you have any further queries please:

Email: or

Tweet us: @nusuk #nusjournos

Terms and conditions

  1. Each journalist must sign a contract committing to two pieces per month, with the by-line of NUS journalist. They are only permitted to use this by-line on our site or where we have submitted their writing to an outside publication.
  2. Each journalist will submit only on the topics which they are assigned.
  3. Each journalist must be currently enrolled on a course at a further education or higher education institution.
  4. While each journalist is committed to 24 pieces over the course of the academic year, we reserve the right to publish other pieces on any topic at any time in each category by other students.
  5. There will only be ten paid staff members, officially recognised and promoted as NUS journalists.
  6. Each NUS journalist will be covered by NUJ student associate membership - £30.
  7.  A monthly guidance email will be circulated by an NUS contact advising on particular themes to consider under each of the four headings.
  8. Depending on your role, your work will be a news piece or a comment piece – you should bear this in mind when you are submitting your work and we reserve the right to place it in either of the two categories.
  9. NUS reserves the right to edit all submitted articles within reason, or to choose not to publish pieces.

10. NUS reserves the right to change deadlines where necessary.

11. NUS will pay staff journalists £1000 over the period of their contract. This will be paid in monthly instalments over the year of £80 per month for the first 11 months, with a final monthly payment of £120.

12. Regular submissions will be expected from November 2015 to November 2016 on a twice monthly basis.

13. Publication of each submission may be staggered by NUS.

14. Journalism on behalf of NUS must not formally endorse client brands, initiatives, products or services.

15. The journalist may not use the NUS brand in any work outside of their commitments within this programme without express permission from the NUS press office.

16. NUS reserves the right to request its name be removed from external communications of journalism undertaken by the journalist.

17. NUS reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.