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Ulster Uni quadruples car parking price

By Niamh Burns

Wednesday 1 March 2017 Student Journalists

Ulster University Magee in Derry-Londonderry have upped their car parking charges, increasing from £2.50 to £9.00 for a full day's car parking at the university.

Magee have quadrupled their tariffs to non-students of Ulster University, after students and staff who pay for annual parking permits were experiencing trouble finding spaces. Many spaces are regularly taken up by drivers who do not study or work at the university as Ulster University and North West Regional College are in close proximity of each other. Since there is a lack of car parking spaces in the area, trying to find a space during rush hour can be carnage.

A spokesperson from Ulster University at Magee spoke to me about the rise in tariff charges.

“Ulster University’s car park at the Magee campus is not a public car park and although we understand the wider parking issues in the Derry City area, those can only be addressed by the relevant government department and the local council.

"With a finite number of spaces, Ulster University students - many of whom pay in advance for an annual parking permit – have been unable to park on campus as the spaces are being taken up by non–University users.”

It’s evident that Derry-Londonderry has a car parking problem and it is understandable why Ulster University have raised their prices to insure their staff and students have priority.

However, for students attending North West Regional College, there is nowhere to park without breaking the bank. As a student of NWRC who travels a 60-mile round trip three times a week, I know first-hand how frustrating it is to find a safe and secure place to park my car without paying through the nose or receiving a parking ticket.

If you walk in and around the two campuses at rush hour, you can’t help but notice how congested the streets are with traffic and the number of cars parked along the streets, cars obviously owned by students who have nowhere else left to park.

North West Regional College’s campus in Derry-Londonderry at present only offers car parking to its staff, which means students studying at NWRC must either pay for their parking in town, park in university parking spaces (in Magee) or unsafely park along the road. It’s time for North West Regional College to recognise this very real problem that greatly affects their students which is only going to get worse. 


Niamh Burns

Hi, I’m Niamh. I am a recent English Literature graduate from Ulster University, now studying an NCTJ Professional Journalism course at North West Regional College in Derry, Northern Ireland. I have always wanted to become a journalist and have spent the last few years interning at newspapers and magazines throughout Northern Ireland. I have a massive interest in currents affairs, politics and social justice. I’m really interested in student perspective, politics and activism, mainly in feminism and gender equality. I believe it is really important for young people and students to get involved in current affairs and politics, it is crucial for us to have a good platform in order to express ourselves.