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Ulster students overlooked by Trainslink changes

By Matt Reuben

Thursday 8 December 2016 Student Journalists

Translink has been forced to review the timetabling of a bus service after it was revealed the new schedule meant Ulster University Coleraine students were dropped off at the exact time that lectures began.

The Ulsterbus 140c/d service services most Portstewart estates where students live during term-time. As a seaside and sunshine destination in the north of Northern Ireland, it also acts as a holiday destination during summer.

The inadequate service forced students to either arrive in campus an hour earlier than they would have planned or to walk up to 15 minutes to catch a bus which lets them off outside the campus.

But a survey conducted last month by Kevin McStravock, the vice president for student and academic affairs for the campus, received almost 120 responses, with 90 per cent of respondents said the service didn’t get them to lectures on time.

The survey revealed students felt Translink had overlooked them when revising the timetable. When the results were released, the company’s area manager Sam Todd said he would review the processes when reviewing the timetable in 2017.

McStravock said when he presented the results, Todd only realised then that the service did not drop students off in time for their classes.

“He mentioned that he is keen to see what can be changed.”


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