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Ulster Students elect Green Sub-Committee

By Matt Reuben

Friday 2 December 2016 Student Journalists

Following policy passed in the last academic year at Student Council by then vice president for campaigns and communications, Elliot Lyness, the committee met via video conferencing on multiple campuses.

The committee defines itself as being an activist and consultancy group on issues of environmental importance.

Micky Quigg, vice president for campaigns and communications for this year, said they want to understand the impact of activities on the environment both on campus and globally.

“We accept the responsibility in leading our action through the students’ union in environmental protection and enhancement.”

UUSU exists within the university campus itself rather than being a separate building – which means the union might have less ability to make environmental change.

“If we have a strong committed student voice, we can definitely make steps to find sustainable solutions on campus,” Micky said.

The committee discussed a range of issues that have been highlighted by students, including the lack of paper recycling bins within the library. Reading rooms, where hundreds of students can work and take notes will have waste bins but no separate bins for recycling.

The committee was also interested in the impact the university’s waste. The university has a contract with a company that separates the waste for it, rather than using different bins which go to different recycling plants. In December last year, it was reported 48 per cent of the waste was sent to landfill.

Plans were also made for stickers to be placed on campus at various points to encourage students to consider alternative means, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator to save energy.


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