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Toni Pearce re-elected as NUS President

Wednesday 9 April 2014 NUS News

Toni Pearce has been re-elected as national president of NUS at National Conference 2014. 

Speaking to conference floor in her election speech, Toni reflected on the successes which the movement has achieved over the last year. “Never let anyone tell you that we’re not already a fighting, campaigning, winning movement”, she told delegates. 

Reminding delegates of campaign wins ranging scrapped tuition fees for apprentices, to saving £350 million of the student opportunity fund, Toni argued that change is more important than ever before in the year of a general election. 

Toni shared her vision for “a student movement that's more representative than we've ever been… A student movement that listens, that campaigns from the classroom to the boardroom - on the streets and in your communities” 

“Choose that movement”, she concluded. Toni Pearce won the presidential election, with the vote count being: 

454 – Toni Pearce

150 – Aaron Kiely 

90 – Daniel Lemberger Cooper

18 – Jack Duffin

16 – RON (Re-open nominations)

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