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The good things to come out of 2016

By Ieva Asnina

Friday 9 December 2016 Student Journalists

As we approach the end of the year, it is easy to have lost faith and hope in humanity as we have seen numerous political campaigns fuelled by hate. But we should be leaving the year on a high. It would not be fair for negativity to dominate once again.

To forget that positivity could actually exist in this climate is not a surprise. But take a look at some of the good things to come out of 2016:

Remember the ice bucket challenge back in 2014? Where people went out of their way to pour ice cold water on themselves in the name of charity? There was lot of scepticism back then on how much this would actually make a difference, with many critics arguing that you can’t make a change behind a computer screen.  But in July, it was revealed that the money raised from the challenge led to a gene associated with ALS to be identified.

While the Higher Education and Research Bill seeks to raise tuition fees, introduce the Teaching Excellence Framework and push poorer students further out of education, on 19 November, students marched alongside lecturers and college workers in solidarity against government attacks on education. This show of unity proved that collective voices cannot be ignored, especially when they come together from across the country.

Team GB did pretty well in this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio, where both teams placed second in the medal tables. The Paralympic team brought back 147 medals. After the month of June dividing the nation, the sports season brought the people back together. It was something worth celebrating.

Elsewhere, the queen is still going strong after celebrating her 90th birthday this year while the number of tigers and pandas are on the rise, which is great news considering they’re categorised as endangered.

So while the world may be in disarray and at times it feels like hate won because those in power have more or less normalised the attitudes, it is nice to be reminded that in the midst of the doom and gloom, good things did happen in 2016. Though, of course, the good things won’t be the ones that go down in history, nor will anyone remember 2016 for those reasons. But they do make the year a bit more bearable and, for now, it’s the little things that will have to do.


Journalist Ieva



Hi, I’m Ieva. Originally from Latvia, I’m currently a second-year journalism student at the London College of Communication and an occasional blogger. I’m a self-confessed news and celebrity junkie and an avid reader of crime novels. I believe that student lifestyle is just as important as what happens in our communities and in wider society. What we do outside of our studies, the things we can’t live without and the moments that drive us crazy, are what shapes who we are and bring us all together. I look forward to exploring this theme further as an NUS Journalist because the team at NUS offer a great platform for students’ voices to be heard, loud and clear.