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The Digital Revolution

By Mariya Hussain

Thursday 26 February 2015 Student Journalists

Digital innovation has revolutionised the way in which the world runs. Digital industries are booming and pretty much every other sector is being affected by the changes too. Students now find themselves graduating into this world and universities should ensure that their graduates are equipped and well versed in the digital skills required in the job market today.

The most obvious way for students to become well equipped to enter into the digital world is by taking a degree focused around digital. Courses like computer science educate students to enter specifically into the digital industries. However students taking more traditional courses should not be excluded from learning even basic digital skills relating to the industries they are interested in.

Universities should offer students the option to supplement their academic education with practical vocational skills, with one of the primary ones being digital skills. This does not necessarily need to be completely dislocated from the main course, instead it can be integrated into the course. This would give students who choose to take up the opportunity a much asked for edge when it comes to the job market.

Since the tuition fee hike students are expecting more from their university education. With graduates facing the competitive job market upon leaving university, their time studying needs to ensure they are well equipped to succeed. With research showing that students aren’t receiving much from the increase, it’s time we asked for the money to be used on something beneficial.

Also, with so many young people looking to start their own businesses, the option to learn about website creation or digital marketing would be something invaluable. It would open up a wealth of opportunity for entrepreneurs, and it is entrepreneurs that help to keep pushing forward the cultural and business worlds.

Of course a university education isn’t all about the vocational. However for many getting a degree is a step towards them being able to secure a good job for their future. Traditional education with little thought for the digital world around them does a great disservice to students who could find themselves lacking the skills they need. Universities teach students about and prepare them for the world around them. The world has been revolutionised by digital innovation and our education should help to prepare us for this. 




My name is Mariya Hussain and I am currently in my second year of studying English at King’s College London. Education is something I am very passionate about. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of race, class, financial means or other causes that can limit a person’s access to education. As a result, I’m very happy to be writing on education!

I aspire to move further into journalism, and am excited to use and develop my skills whilst writing on the student perspective as an NUS Journalist. I’m also a photographer and enjoy using both words and images to share new and interesting stories.