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Successful Unreported Students Event 2018


Wednesday 5 December 2018 NUS News

NUS, Amnesty International and Channel 4’s Unreported Students event was hosted at Channel 4 during November.

This is the eleventh year that Amnesty International and NUS have partnered to support student media and we were especially pleased to collaborate with Channel 4’s Unreported World programme. 

Unreported Students is a biannual event, designed to give students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the practice of student media whilst gaining invaluable insight from industry professionals.

Delegates had exclusive access to journalists from Unreported World, Amnesty International and Channel 4 who have years of dedicated experience to share. There were key note speeches from Dorothy Byrne (Unreported World) and David Henshaw (Exec producer of Dispatches) which were received well by over 70 students.

Over the course of the afternoon, key issues were raised that matter to us, at NUS, Amnesty International and Unreported World – from human rights abuses and struggles for political freedom, to access to education and the vital role education plays within a society.

Sam Dubberley, Manager at Amnesty’s Digital Verification Corps assisted the panel in the workshop ‘How to find and research a story’.  This looked at how to open a lead, how stories are uncovered, what research goes into them and ultimately what makes a good story that ensures people are engaged. It also touched on what you need to be aware of when you uncover a story, this can be just as challenging personally as it is professionally.

Our ‘Working overseas’ panel explored the reality: what steps need to be taken, what measures you should take to protect yourself, and which countries are a step too far.

James Brabazon (Channel 4 Hostile Filming Consultant) and Donatella Rovera gave us insight into reporting into places most journalists would think twice before travelling to, how they got to the crux of a story whilst at all times keeping safety and security at the forefront of investigations.

During the ‘Reporting & Interview conduct’ workshop the panel, including Azmina Dhrodia Amnesty Researcher Technology and Human Rights Team discussed how to negotiate access to key individuals, how to encourage people to feel comfortable to speak out, and how do you protect the people who speak out and how the channels of today can spin a story so differently.

People are drawn to working in the media for several reasons – but central to many is the desire to report, analyse or uncover important issues that matter to people.

The Unreported Student event increased student insight into this area by 22% and over 92% of our delegates rated the event positively. NUS, Amnesty International & Channel 4 are considering this may become an annual event on the back of its’ success.