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Students join with Peace One Day to launch historic peace campaign

Monday 27 February 2012 Global Justice

NUS, Peace One Day and student leaders from around the world will gather today at the University of London Union to launch the student involvement in Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012 campaign.

The campaign will bring together the greatest number of students around the world standing up for peace on 21 September 2012.

NUS President Liam Burns, Jeremy Gilley (Peace One Day founder), Jude Law and student representatives from America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Southern Africa will be part of the launch, answering questions today on how they will be part of a world record on Peace Day, 21 Sept 2012.

Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley said:

“Peace One Day and NUS are asking students world-wide to lead this process and come together as one on Peace Day 21 September 2012 in support of Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012 campaign.

“Students can come together for music events, debates, conferences, exhibitions or sports events - it’s a creative process. We’re hoping this will be the largest ever gathering of individuals in the name of peace. To have so many student leaders attending the event from around the world is a wonderful sign; I’m incredibly grateful to everyone for the making the journey and getting behind this historic campaign.”

Liam Burns, NUS President, said:

“Young people have the power to make the changes the world needs and as the largest student organisation in the world NUS is proud to be involved in the Global Truce 2012 campaign.

“By bringing together the UK’s students on one day to support peace NUS and Peace One Day can help them to be that change.”

Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law said:

“I’ve worked closely with Jeremy for a number of years, travelling to Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008 to document life-saving activities on Peace Day.

“The involvement of students around the world will bring us another step closer to the institutionalisation of an annual Peace Day and I am proud to be supporting the process.”

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