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Student Fundraising Guide Launch!

Tuesday 23 October 2018 NUS News

Students organising themselves to do good, contribute to society and have fun has been at the heart of the student movement for hundreds of years. Students could be found ‘raising and giving’, collecting donations of money, clothes and food for local people long before their university had a students’ union. Today, the National Union of Students proudly supports student fundraising through the National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA) who are a team of nine volunteers carrying on the altruism in 2018 and beyond. Read the full guide here.

The most recent project that we’ve worked onwith NUS  and the Institute of Fundraising, is the brand new Student Fundraising Guide and e-learning programme!


Many students’ unions were asking for support in training and developing their fundraisers, and both SU staff and fundraisers were concerned about Charity Law. The Guide brings together loads of information for student fundraisers, students’ unions and charities to learn about the wonderful world of student fundraising, to provide a development guide for fundraisers (based on the IoF Code of Fundraising Practice) and to signpost next steps for more information. It’s accompanied by an e-learning programme that expands on the content of the Guide and is an interactive way for students to access it.


NaSFA have existed since 2011, where hundreds of students were gathered at Durham University Students’ Union at the annual gathering of fundraisers – RAG Conference. The committee put themselves forward and since then we’ve had over 50 NaSFA committee members volunteering to improve student fundraising.


NUS support NaSFA to succeed and have policy recognising NaSFA. Together they’ve been busy and over the years have:


  • Produced a ‘RAG map’ showing where all the student fundraising groups in the UK are and how to contact them


  • Created the Student Fundraising Awards, celebrating groups and individuals, as well as the charities they work with


  • Developed ‘Fundraising University’ – a one day training programme for charities wanting to start work with students


  • Worked with Children in Need on a national campaign


  • Created a methodology for calculating it and collated the first ever national student fundraising total


  • Connected student fundraisers and groups together regionally, and at national networking opportunities


  • Piloted a fundraiser development programme with small charities, supported by the Institute of Fundraising


  • Supported new fundraising groups to start up


  • Expanded the committee to include regional officers


The current and previous NaSFA committees are so excited for the release of this student fundraising guide! It’s a first for IoF, NUS and NaSFA to work together on something so bold, it will make students’ unions lives easier and it will give student fundraisers important information. It explains the basic and key points of student fundraising in an easy-to-read way and we hope groups across the country will find it really helpful in supporting the growth of their fundraising societies. We see this as the starting point for fundraising but also a starting point for more exciting collaboration in the future.

– Sam Greenslade, NaSFA Training & Partnerships Officer