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Richest should not be able to 'buy' degrees, says NUS

Tuesday 10 May 2011 NUS News

NUS said plans reported in the Guardian today would disadvantage poorer and middle income students and was yet another attempt by the Government to cover up the mess it has made of university funding.

The newspaper reports today  that the Government is considering plans to allow the richest parents to pay upfront fees at the same level as those paid by international students to ensure their children get a university place, 

Aaron Porter, NUS President, said:

"The Government is yet again tossing out a poorly conceived policy idea in an attempt to disguise the chaos it has created in university funding and the shortfall in finances that has created. This creates a two tier system that allows the richest, less able, applicants a second bite at the university cherry and denies low and middle income students the same opportunity.

“Those students who can afford to pay higher, upfront fees, will also avoid the interest rates and lifetime of debt that the rest of their cohort will have to consider when considering university.”