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Retail Tracker Research

Tuesday 22 September 2020 NUS News

Please help us with this important research about your shopping behaviours and the impact of Covid-19.

I’m Larissa Kennedy, the NUS National President and I hope you’re settling well into your course this term.  I’d just like to tell you how you can help us with our latest research. After all the help you’ve provided to us so far this year and how we’ve been able to use what you told us to inform our recent covid-related campaigns, I really hope you’ll help us explore how we can help your students’ union best support you on campus…

Help us be here for you by taking part in our survey. We continually work within our organisations and with students’ unions to collect and share insight about your experiences to help us and decision makers understand what’s needed to make your lives better during your life as a student.  

Each year we carry our exciting research about your shopping habits as part of a wider piece of work around your experiences as a student and we’re asking for your help again by taking part in the first of three surveys.

This Retail Tracker survey, about your shopping habits, will take no more than 20 minutes to complete and by finishing the survey, you’re not only helping us as we campaign on your behalf, you’re also in with a chance of winning £250. There are no right or wrong answers; we’re just keen to hear your views, experiences and concerns, so please answer the questions as honestly and comprehensively as you can.

To join the survey, click here or copy and paste this link in to your browser:

We do hope you’ll take part. We really need your feedback to help us help you.

Any personal data collected through the survey, will only be seen by the NUS Insight team.  We will never personally identify you in any reports or outputs produced as part of the research and your data will never be shared without your consent.Thanks in advance for your help. We really appreciate it.  The survey closes at 9am on Monday 5 October.