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Recommendations made to universities on violence against women, harassment and hate crime

Tuesday 25 October 2016 Women

New guidance has been published for universities on how to deal with student misconduct which may also be a criminal offence. The Universities UK advice offers proper support for students who are survivors of sexual violence.

NUS has been working with students’ unions for over five years to push universities to address all types of harassment and violence.

The report recognises the impact of NUS’ research into women students’ experiences of sexual violence as well as the excellent work of students’ unions as the driving force behind creating change.

We are glad to see this work has led to the government and the higher education sector taking the issues women face on campus seriously.

Hareem Ghani, NUS women’s officer, said: “We know sexual harassment and violence is prevalent on our campuses and women are disproportionately affected by this. 

“No student should have to face this on their campus and we welcome the opportunity this guidance presents in offering clear recommendations to the leadership in education on the actions they need to take to challenge these issues.

“NUS will continue to work with students’ unions and across the education sector to end sexual harassment, violence and hate crime.”

We hope the guidance and recommendations in the report will promote a more consistent and robust approach across the sector.

Universities must take effective action to prevent any form of violence, harassment and hate crime and ensure students who experience this are properly supported.

It is now critical that universities, working with their students’ unions, make sure these recommendations are fully embedded.

We are also committed to continuing our work with UUK to make sure that all issues covered in the report are addressed, including important issues such as sexual harassment and assault that occurs between staff and students and online harassment.