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Reading Students Protest ‘Insulting’ Multi-Million Pound Spending

By Joe Willetts

Thursday 5 May 2016 Student Journalists

The University of Reading (UoR) has been slammed by students who have branded its £20 million consultation into cost cutting as 'detrimental to the student experience'.

The multi-million pound review, which took place over the last two years, will impact up to 1,500 administrative staff, causing up to 200 redundancies, by 1 August.

Students are keen to oppose this and in response have launched 'Students against PAS’ (Professional and Administrative Services) campaign to stop the changes. In previous weeks protests have disrupted a spending meeting of university senate members and UoR’s 90th anniversary celebrations.

The latest of which saw over 100 students, armed with placards and banners, voice their opposition directly to the vice chancellor as he attended a spending meeting on 9 March.


Despite claims by UoR that cuts will save £7.8 million a year, students remain unconvinced as to whether the impacts and costs are justifiable.

Students’ Union president Oli Ratcliffe, leader of the campaign, said the whole point of the campaign against PAS is to see where the university will compromise.

‘The university now has to respond to the student's concerns, it can't continue saying we have heard you but we're doing it anyway, they need to start saying we have heard you and this is our answer to that.’

He added: ‘The campaign against PAS is gaining momentum massively, the issue is very much alive on social media. The message is clear, we don’t want PAS.’

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To support the campaign, join the Reading SU petition, join their Facebook group and tweet your support using #studentsagainstPAS. 

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