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NUS tells Prime Minister to prioritise students for the sake of the UKs future

Friday 9 June 2017 Campaigns News

The General Election result has unexpectedly left no party with a majority in the House of Commons and Prime Minister Theresa May is left attempting to form a minority Government.

In the wake of this uncertainty, NUS has written to the Prime Minister to stress that the needs and concerns of students must be a priority for the next government.

Throughout the election campaign – just as we have for years – NUS and students have raised big fears over the implications of Brexit, the hostile climate for international students, and the unsurmountable debt that students are weighed down by.

In our first letter to the Prime Minister following yesterday’s election, we have reiterated these concerns and welcomed serious engagement with a student body that the presumed youth turnout shows are tired of being ignored, overlooked and dismissed.

As discussions and negotiations now get underway between various parties to form a functional government, getting the student voice heard to ensure the student interest is met is all the more vital.

You can find our letter to the Prime Minister below.

We will publish any response we receive.