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UCL Students' Union votes to remain a member of NUS

Thursday 26 October 2017

University College London’s student union announced yesterday that they had voted to remain a member of NUS. Seventy percent of students voted to remain.

Ali Milani, NUS Vice President (Union Development), said:

“I’m really pleased that 70 per cent of Students at UCL voted to remain in our national movement, to retain our collective voice and to stay a member of the National Union of Students. Well done to everyone who campaigned and made the case!

"As ever, we hear those who have concerns or believe we can be better. I hope that some of our upcoming work, for example our ongoing governance review, will address some of these concerns. I would always urge any student with questions, or ideas about how we could work differently, to get involved and get in touch. I look forward to working with students at UCL and across the country to ensure that we are representing your needs.”