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Students walk out in solidarity with migrants

Tuesday 17 November 2015

The National Union of Students (NUS) International Student’s Campaign is supporting students across the country who are today (Tuesday 17 November) walking out of classes in solidarity with international students and migrants. 

This action – taking place at 10.30am – is not only to stand in solidarity with international students, currently being mistreated in the UK, but aims to tackle the anti-immigration sentiment which is growing in Britain and has manifested itself in the government's response to the refugee crisis.

Recent proposed policies which will see all migrants, including international students, having a much tougher time in the UK, along with making sure the UK plays its part in supporting and welcoming a much higher number of refugees, are the main reasons students have decided to take action and show unprecedented solidarity with migrants.

In light of the tragic events in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad last week, the anti-migrant sentiment is at risk of becoming more prevalent, particularly at a time when many people are fleeing from countries where day-to-day atrocities are a reality.

Mostafa Rajaai, NUS international students’ officer, said:

“Attacks on migrants' rights have been escalating rapidly since 2012. As international students make up one of the biggest groups of migrants in the UK, we have been severely affected by the constant changes of the immigration rules. We are now walking out of our classes and lectures throughout the country so our voices are finally heard, so we can no longer be ignored.

“We want to show international students, who are a big part of the student population, that despite the hostility of the government, the student body cares about them and is willing to stand up to defend them.

“We want to send a clear message to the government that students in this country overwhelmingly reject the attitude and direction that the UK has adopted regarding immigration. The failure to respond adequately to the refugee crisis, the mistreatment of international students and the constant attacks on migrants' rights are all part of the wider anti-migrant sentiment which is on the rise in the UK political establishment and we wholeheartedly oppose it.”


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