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NUS votes to adopt definition of Islamophobia

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Delegates at NUS UK conference have voted to formally adopt the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims’ definition of Islamophobia, and to commit to a suite of actions to tackle Islamophobia in the student movement, and across society.

The motion, as passed, commits the National Union of Students, to:

  • Subscribe to the definition of Islamophobia laid out by the APPG on British Muslims
  • Introduce training and on Islamophobia and implicit bias into NUS training
  • Ensure all student officers are properly held to account on any instances of Islamophobia 


This comes as students from across the UK gather in Glasgow from 9 to 11 April to elect NUS UK’s leadership, and pass policy to set the political direction of the student movement in the coming years.


Commenting, NUS Vice President (Union Development), Ali Milani, said:

“I’m proud that NUS delegates have today voted to tackle Islamophobia wherever it exists, be it the student movement or wider society.

“With islamophobia on the rise in the UK, and across the world, it’s the responsibility of everyone to take a stand. That doesn’t only mean taking on the intolerance and hatred in its most extreme forms, but uprooting it wherever it exists, and we recognise that our own movement has work to do.

“It’s right that the student movement has committed to leading by example, with training for student officers, a commitment to hold those to account for use of racialised or Islamophobic tropes, and the adoption of the APPG on British Muslims’ definition. I look forward to seeing others – our institutions, civic society, those in leadership positions and beyond – do the same.”