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NUS UK publishes Plan for Action 2019/20

Friday 18 October 2019

NUS (National Union of Students) has published its first ever Plan for Action, created by its 13 Full time officers. The plan, which sets out the campaign focus for 2019/20, has been informed by NUS policy passed at NUS conferences in 2018/19, NUS members’ priorities, issues of concern to students, and the current external environment and context.

With individual tailored plans for the nations – Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales – being led by the relevant presidents in those countries, the 10-point plan focuses on three key areas:

  • Building a movement to transform education
  • Breaking down the barriers to accessing education and taking part in society
  • Breaking down the barriers to succeeding in education and society. 

Each campaign area is led by a member of the full-time officer team, working with fellow NUS officers, students’ union members, students and NUS staff.

The creation of the plan is an important element of NUS’ preparations for reform, which will see the group of seven companies reshape into two separate organisations, one focused on student campaigning and one on student union development. NUS UK will continue to be the voice of students and will seek to engage as many student officers, students, students’ unions and the public in improving education and the world through the collective power of students.

Speaking following the publication of the plan to NUS members, Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS National President said:

“We’ve had a strong start to this year, with the full-time officer Executive team forging ahead in building relationships. We’ve a clear, shared sense of purpose, and I really am fortunate to be working with such a strong group of student leaders.  

“Since taking up our roles at the start of July, we’ve been working hard to pull all our collective thoughts and ideas together, along with the priorities of officers on campuses, and the concerns of students up and down the UK. While our external environment is somewhat turbulent, and continues to be uncertain, we’ve still been able to launch a priority campaign focused on delivering a sustainable, accessible, life-long, funded solution to our broken education system and our biggest ever annual voter registration campaign for young people, that’s already showing results.

“While our plan contains ambitions beyond our year, it is founded in the reforms that members have told us they want, and the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s students. We’ll be looking to work with our members and students more closely in coming months as we launch other initiatives that support the delivery of our 10-point plan.”


Notes to editors

The NUS UK Plan for Action was finalised in September 2019 following presentation to the NUS Group boards on 11 September.

The Plan has 10 key campaign areas as follows:

  1. Priority Campaign – A National Education Service including

1a. Student and education funding

              1b.  Marketisation and regulation 

2. Winning safe, accessible and affordable housing

3. Securing affordable and accessible transport for all

4. Winning healthcare that is accessible to everyone

5. Ensuring disabled students, including those with mental health conditions, thrive in education

6. Stopping a no-deal Brexit and improving international students’ lives

7. Decolonising our education

8. Abolishing Prevent

9. Combatting sexual violence and harassment

10. Tackling transphobia in education.

Individual tailored plans for NUS-USI, NUS Scotland, NUS Wales have been prepared and shared with NUS members in these nations.

The members of the NUS full time officer Executive are:

  • Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS National President
  • Robert Murtagh, NUS-USI President
  • Liam McCabe, NUS Scotland President
  • Rob Simkins, NUS Wales President
  • Erica Ramos, Vice President Union Development
  • Juliana Mohamad Noor, Vice President Further Education
  • Claire Sosienski Smith, Vice President Higher Education
  • Eva Crossan Jory, Vice President Welfare
  • Fope Olaleye, Black Students’ Officer
  • Piers Wilkinson, Disabled Students’ Officer
  • Rob Noon, LGBT+ Officer
  • Eden Ladley, Trans Officer
  • Rachel Watters, Women’s Officer

As a team the FTO Executive has identified three guiding principles for their term in office:

  • being nationally visible, championing students;
  • being locally present in students’ unions and on campuses; and
  • delivering tangible impact.

NUS 2019/20 officers’ terms run from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. In future all officer terms will run for two years effective from 1 July 2020.