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NUS UK Elections 2020: Hear from candidates standing for NUS National President

Tuesday 24 March 2020

For the first time in NUS’ history, election of its full time student officers, including NUS National President, is taking place online. While voting is now open, to over 650 student representatives from higher and further education, and apprentices, who are registered for NUS National Conference 2020, all students can view and hear the candidates for National President in action by watching NUS’ online hustings.

The NUS National President is the political leader of NUS.  They are the figurehead of the organisation, the chair of the NUS board, and the primary point of contact between NUS, politicians, and the wider education sector.  They choose NUS’ priority campaign and lead the Officer Executive team in delivery of the Plan for Action, generated from policies and priorities agreed by National Conference. 

The successful candidate will join the Presidents of NUS-USI, NUS Scotland and NUS Wales, Vice President Higher Education, Vice President Further Education and the new position of Vice President Liberation, to make up the elected student leadership of NUS UK 2020 to 2022. They will lead NUS for the next two years as it embeds reforms approved at its National Conference in 2019.

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, NUS has delivered another first in these elections; online husting sessions for each of the national roles being elected at National Conference.   All students can see and hear directly from each of the national president candidates as they discuss the issues students care about and answer questions posed to them by students from across the UK.

Students can also read about each candidate and their respective manifestos on the NUS Connect website using the links below.

James Butler - Warwick Students' Union

Ayokunle Falana - University of Wolverhampton Students' Union

Calvin  Jansz - University of Brighton Students' Union  

Larissa Kennedy - Warwick Students' Union 

Nelly Kibirige - London South Bank University Students' Union

Joshua Muirhead - University of Stirling Students' Union

Erica Ramos - National Union of Students

NUS National President, Zamzam Ibrahim, said:

 “This is truly an exciting time to join NUS. There are big challenges ahead, but I’ve seen during my time as national president that the student movement is as strong as ever and there is a genuine hunger to campaign and make change happen.

“From fighting for access to universal healthcare to standing up for equality and human rights, history shows that when students lead, others follow. The successful candidates will lead NUS to tackle important issues and make sure that politicians and decision-makers hear the student voice loud and clear.”

NUS National Conference 2020 will take place online from Tuesday 31 March – Thursday 1 April 2020.  The candidate with the most votes will be announced 31 March.


About NUS elections:

NUS is run by its members. Elections have an important role in this and are used to elect our political leadership. Voters in our elections are students or sabbatical officers, elected or nominated by Students’ Unions that are affiliated to NUS. NUS uses proportional representation in our elections, our officer roles including National President are elected using Alternative Vote (AV). Elections are conducted by electronic polling using Unioncloud, specialist elections software run by OneVoice Digital, a collaboration between NUS and Arrk Group.

NUS run elections to the following principles:

  • We aim to elect people in a free and fair manner
  • Elections are the mechanism for our members to choose their representatives
  • Wherever possible the electorate should always decide/be the decision makers
  • We are not here to give everyone an equal chance of winning, just a fair one.