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NUS Scotland responds to news on cladding at Edinburgh Napier halls

Wednesday 28 June 2017

In light of the news that a block of student flats at Edinburgh Napier University were found to have the same cladding as Grenfell Tower, NUS Scotland has called on the Scottish Government, colleges, universities, and accommodation providers to act to ensure all university, college, and student accommodation buildings have the highest building safety standards.

The call comes the day after Holyrood’s Local Government and Communities Committee announced a review into building safety standards (see notes 1). NUS Scotland are calling for any review to be extended to include colleges, universities, and all student accommodation – including those owned by private providers. NUS Scotland has also called on universities and colleges to inspect their own buildings in light of the discovery at Edinburgh Napier.

Commenting, NUS Scotland President Vonnie Sandlan said:

It was encouraging to see the Scottish Government announce a review of the safety of high-rise flats in Scotland yesterday following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower. However, in light of the worrying discovery that student halls at Edinburgh Napier University were built using the same cladding as Grenfell Tower, the remit of the Government’s investigations must be extended to include educational and student accommodation buildings. Students live in a range of accommodation, so any review into building safety absolutely has to take into account all university, college, and private student accommodation buildings.

“It’s important to remember that today’s discovery at Edinburgh Napier came about through a review instigated by the University itself. Now we need to see every university, college, and private accommodation provider following suit and ensuring that all buildings have been built and maintained to the highest safety standards. Where standards are found to fall below par, buildings must be rectified immediately and questions must be asked about how this situation has arisen. The Scottish Government must also investigate whether any breaches of regulations have taken place and look into whether current regulations need to be amended to include student accommodation.”


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