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NUS responds to emergency debate on tuition fees in parliament

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Statement from Amatey Doku, NUS Vice President (Higher Education) on this afternoon's emergency debate on tuition fees in the House of Commons. 

Amatey Doku, NUS VIce President (Higher Education) said:

“Today parliament debated tuition fees. It was disappointing that the government continued to push its flawed argument that the fees system benefits those from lower income families, but it was clear from MPs on both sides of the House that there is big concern about the damaging impact of student debt. We believe wholeheartedly that education is a public good, and we will not rest until the Government delivers student funding arrangements that do not saddle students with debt for simply wanting to learn. The Government today failed yet again to recognise the alarmingly high drop-out rates among students from disadvantaged backgrounds and completely failed to address the fact that maintenance loans penalise poorer students by saddling them with higher levels of debt.

We cannot discuss tuition fees in isolation: today’s debate showed that the scrapping of vital lifelines such as maintenance grants and nursing bursaries are all part of the same problem. The debate demonstrated that the issue of education funding is vast and hugely divisive. The current system is not working and if we are ever to find a solution, the government must urgently review the student funding system in its entirety.”