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NUS responds to Theresa May’s Resignation

Friday 24 May 2019

The National Union of Students (NUS) National President, Shakira Martin, has today responded to the resignation of Theresa May, Prime Minister:

“Theresa May’s resignation leaves a lot of open questions about the state of the nation for students and young people. In light of the ongoing chaos around Brexit and inability of the Conservatives to govern, a People’s Vote on Brexit is now the only viable way forward to give students and young people the future in Europe that they deserve and would have voted for.


“Her resignation announcement also leaves big question marks over the release of the Augar Review into post-18 fees and funding. NUS has been consistent in asking that the Review recommends maintenance funding for students, and fair funding for further and higher education. I ask that May allows Philip Augar to release his report, and recommends a funding deal that gives all students the opportunities they deserve.


“In this time of uncertainty, I cannot help but fear what might come next. Theresa May’s legacy is one of wrongfully deporting our international student friends and colleagues, and members of our communities in the Windrush generation. I hope that the next Prime Minister of our country recognises the contribution that international students make to our lives and campuses, and abandons the hostile environment once and for all.”