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NUS responds to the Government's Racial Disparity Audit

Tuesday 10 October 2017

NUS Black Students' Officer Ilyas Nagdee responds to the government's racial disparity audit.

Responding to the government’s racial disparity audit Ilyas Nagdee, NUS Black Students’ Officer said:

“NUS welcomes the Government’s focus on race inequality and disparity of outcomes. Students of Colour have recognised these inequalities in their day to day lives and promoting accessible and transparent data is one way to ensure that we can hold our Government to account when it perpetuates structural inequality.

"Race inequality is systemic both in our education system and wider society, and there is significant volumes of data that has interrogated both what outcomes are influenced by ethnicity and why. However, these volumes of data will only be remembered when they have addressed injustices and made change.

"As such, we are calling on the Government to not only recognise but act to address these disparities in outcomes. This would require listening to many people and enacting their political will, including the vision for a better society laid out by students within NUS’ Black Students Campaign.”


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