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NUS responds to Labour Party backing overhaul of university admissions system

Tuesday 13 August 2019

The Labour Party has announced a plan to overhaul university admissions, so students apply to university after they get their results were it in government.  It would scrap university offers based on predicted grades and implementing a system of post-qualification admissions (“PQA”).

NUS welcomes the move as it presents a great opportunity for students to be able to make more informed choices about their future, enabling them to make decisions based on their actual grades and to go on to post A-Level options that best suit them. However, it would not want to see this proposal implemented in isolation, without input from the very people it will be affecting.


NUS wants to see all political parties deliver on a host of other changes, which includes the introduction of wider participation measures and more radical recruitment practices as well as re-introducing grants and block funding for education from the government. Ultimately, we need to make university education more accessible for students who are currently disadvantaged by the admissions process.  

NUS Vice President, Higher Education Claire Sosienski Smith said:

“Our education system needs a radical overhaul. Changing to post-qualification admissions on its own will not create the changes to a system that is broken. First, we must secure the block funding, maintenance grants and removal of student debt that students are demanding of those deciding future education policy. Reforming the time at which exams take place and universities make offers to students will not make a difference on its own. The education system that students apply to must be free at the point of entry and accessible to all, regardless of their educational or social background.”