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NUS responds to government’s opposition day debate defeat on tuition fees

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Amatey Doku, NUS Vice President (Higher Education), responds to the government's opposition day defeat on tuition fees.

Amatey Doku
, NUS Vice President (Higher Education) said:

“NUS is delighted with the outcome of today’s opposition day debate which has handed the government an embarrassing defeat over their latest plans to hike up tuition fees even further.  

“The government is on the ropes and crumbling over their position on education funding. It is growing clearer by the day just how out of touch they are with students and young people.

“Today’s debate is a victory for students, who are already paying an astronomical sum in tuition fees and are graduating with a burden of up to £57,000 in debt.

“We welcome the support from the opposition and crossbenchers who have cornered the government onto wobbly legal ground over tuition fees. If they defy the will of the House, they place themselves in a constitutional crisis. More importantly, they face a moral dilemma: if they bulldoze ahead with these increases there will be lasting repercussions for generations of students to come. Young people will be watching carefully to see if the government is genuinely on their side.”


Amatey Doku is available to comment on request.

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