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NUS responds to EU student fees announcement

Wednesday 29 May 2019

National Union of Students (NUS) Vice President (Higher Education), Amatey Doku, has responded to the announcement that EU students starting courses at universities in England in 2020-21 will continue to be eligible for home fee status:

“NUS welcome today’s announcement and believe that all students should be able to access opportunities to study abroad, which have overwhelmingly positive effects not only for individual students, but for the institutions and the communities in which they study.


“However, these opportunities are likely to shut off to many EU students, who will at best lose access to crucial financial support and face increased fees after Brexit, and at worse lose access to the UK as a study destination altogether. This is much more of an acute risk under a catastrophic no deal scenario, which the government must rule out.

“As such we urge the government to ensure that EU students retain all of their existing rights and opportunities after Brexit and to guarantee a People’s Vote on any deal, so that students have the opportunity to say no if the deal fails to deliver for them.


“What is more, it is essential that students are able to make informed choices about the future of their education and we urge the government to provide clarity on the status of EU students post 2021, to ensure that the UK remains to be an attractive place to study.”