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NUS responds to the Conservative Party leadership conclusion

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Speaking on the conclusion of the Conservative Party leadership contest, Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS President said:

“Today’s announcement doesn’t end uncertainty for the millions of students, nor the rest of the country facing the continuing uncertainty of a no-deal Brexit. 

“Given Mr Johnson’s previous record of offensive comments on women, ethnic minorities and foreign countries, our job will be to hold this Government and this Prime Minister to account for its language, policies and its record”

“We will continue to pursue a working relationship with the Government, in particularly the Department for Education, to advocate for our National Education Service policy - which aims to transform the education service to be lifelong, funded, and accessible to everyone”

“We will also be expecting the Government to start focussing on the other issues that are exercising most students and graduates today - the funding crisis in our health service, the working poverty experienced by over 4 million, the climate change emergency facing us right now, and the risks to our future economy of a no deal Brexit Britain, open for business but closed-minded to immigration”